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We have again the collaboration of Maximiliano Sanford, dancer and choreographer who will give the first monograph of the year on February 2, 3, 2019 in the Da.Te Danza: C / Derechos humanos, 9 (Churriana de la Vega, Granada)

Maximiliano Sanford teaches the workshop in which we will investigate the different ways to enter and exit the soil effectively, using the energy of the soil, without the use of force and taking advantage of the impulses of the body, through technical exercises and exercises. improvisation. We will investigate in a subtle and above all organic way the introduction of the acrobatic movements directed to the dance, avoiding preparations and others. We will also work on the dance of duos, executing different types of portés and work dynamics in pairs, using the weight of the other as a basis and using the technique of contact – improvisation. The student will be invited to develop confidence in himself and his partner, learning to enjoy vertigo and risk.

Maximiliano Sanford Monte was former gymnast of the Brazilian Olympic team. He has danced in companies such as: Losdedae (Madrid), Da.Te Danza (Granada), Cie La Flux (Paris). He took part in different projects with European choreographers such as: Sharon Fridman (Madrid), Yutaka Takekey (Toulouse), WinVandekeybus (Bruxelas), Raphael Boitell (Paris), Lucio Baglivo (Madrid). He participated in the cast of Macbeth at the Teatro de la Scala in Milan as an acrobat dancer. Currently dancing in the production of Venere with the choreographer National Award 2014 Daniel Abreu to be released at the beginning of December 2015. As a teacher he worked in Madrid schools as: Carmen Senra, Victor Ullate, Bambú Dance among others. He has also given various workshops in Europe and Brazil and has been invited as a speaker at the Contemporary Dance Conservatory of Granada Reina Sofía.

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