workshops and pedagogical projects

develop non-verbal communication at early ages and power sensitivity, enjoying the unión between the child and his closests ones.


The Company begins its pedagogical research in the year 2000. Omar Meza, director and choreographer of Da.Te Danza has a great skill and concern for the artistic and pedagogical development for early childhood. Omar is in a wonderful team of education, The board of education for children, where he exposes his restlesnes from the dance, to develop non-verbal communication at ages less than one year of age. This dialogue with the body is addressed as primary interlocutors to parents and family, and from there arise expressions of a wonderful sensitivity.

dance workshops for families

The dance is able to create unconventional spaces that makes parents and children capable of reaching a more intimate communication through work with movement and space.

main objectives

  • The encounter and dialogue between the family from a more intimate perspective, the movement and non-verbal communication.
  • Strengthen the ties of union between the members of the family from an artistic space that creates metaphors of movement and psychological spaces that have never been touched with conscience.
  • Develop motor skills with the father and mother to strengthen self-esteem and social security.
  • Create awareness about the suitability of shows aimed at children in general and in particular dance shows.
  • To know our body and its multitude of forms of expression and coordination with a fundamental tool in childhood; the imagination.

courses taught by Omar Meza

With a great experience in the pedadogy of dance, he has given workshops in different places of the world and for different population centers, families, people with disabilities, teachers, boys and girls, educators, professionals of the enviroment and so on. This type of training has given us the keys to develop a series of material that we put ito action in each of the workshops. With these workshops the dance approaches the public, involving them in the creative process and giving them the keys to watch any dance show without previous judgements.

curriculum vitae of Omar Meza

Omar Meza is born in Mexico D.F in 1964 begining his training as a dancer at the independent ballet school “ FORMACION” at the National Institute of Fine Arts, and in the school ESPACIO DE ALBA DE MEXICO, D.F. The artistic career of Omar Meza takes place in different countries and develops with very different styles and techniques, finally leading him to work in 1993 at the Company; Neur Tanz of Düsseldorf (Germany), and will mark important artistic aspects of the subsequent work of Omar Meza as a choreographer; and later, in 1994 he created his first work entitled “ WHEN THE STARS STOPPED SHINING” for Young choreographers from the FOLKWANG HOCHSCHULE. ESSEN (Germany). After this first creation as a choreographer, Omar enters as a guest at the FOLKWANG HOCHSCHULE.ESSEN.

In 1995 he creates and founded the “Hojarasca” Company in Burgos (Spain), that opens the way to the development of contemporary dance in the community of Castilla y Leon. It will be at this point that the dancer Omar Meza begins his stage as a stable coreographer of his own Company, betting firmly on contemporary dance in Spain. Omar Meza has been doing choreographic works, courses,workshops and conferences since his stay in Spain for public and private institutions, festivals, theater companie and giving both in Spain and other countries, directed to adult and child audiences, teachers, artists and pedagogues. The commitment and profesional experience of the dancer Omar Meza and the great support from the Junta de Andalusia and the National Institute of performing Arts and music, as well as the collaboration of the Alhambra Theater of Granada, the City of Granada Orchestra and the International Festival Music and Dance of Granada, have made posible the foundation of the Company Da.Te Danza in the city.

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