Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, Its learning to dance in the rain…

We bet on the formation and development of contemporary dance in Granada. Through our anual classes we promote dance and bring this discipline closer to anyone with concerns and interest in the movement, whether professionals, amateurs, or with any type of knowledge but with a desire to learn. The Company offers the possibility to aproach the dance through courses whose objective is to develop a non-verbal communication through movement and body expression. Classes at all levels are taught by the company’s artistic cast.

workshops and pedagogical projects

Non-verbal communication in childhood

Dance is able to create unconventional spaces that make parents, mothers, children beings capable of reaching a more intimate communication through work with movement and space. Through artistic and pedagogical development in early childhood, Omar Meza discovers new expressions of sensitivity.

annual courses for adults

advanced level


The students have the opportunity to share with the members of Da.Te Danza the knowledge and the implementation of the dance, tryingall kinds of techniques and physical training that makes discover unknown qualities.


Trough monographic courses the Company intands to interrelate all the scenic disciplines (dance theater, circus dance, hip hop, clown, voice and singin, circus theater, acrobatics, contact improvisation…) The monographs are taught by professional choreographer and dancers, they are developed in 4 or 6 consecutive days, the student obtains a certificate of participation at the end. They have come to impart workshops to Da.Te Danza professionals like: German Jauregui ( CIA Winwandekeybus), Peter Jasko ( CIA Les Slovaks), Yutaka Takey, Joaquín López among others.

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