Da.Te Danza keeps the spirit and the illusion of 1999 and adds the experience, the value of teamwork, the enthusiastic look of the public and the thousand of shows of affection from all the collaborating artists from this project that have made it possible, it belongs to all of them.


The first show of the Company, A Horse in the Sky was born with the hope of bringing children closer to thr foundations of the contemporary dance. Released in October 199 at the Alhambra Thater in Granada, this montage receives a secial mention of the jury in FETEN 2000. In August of this same year participates as representative of Spain in the XX International Festival of Contemporary Dance San Luis de Potosi (Mexico) and in May of 2001 returns to Mexico to tour for a month in the network of international festivals. In 2001 performs at the Testoni Ragazzi Theater in Bologna (Italy), one of the most prestigious centers in Europe in the research of theater and art for children and youth and with wich the Company establishes a very solid bond of collaboration maintained up to our days.

shows premiered until today

Un Caballo en el Cielo (1999), La mitad de la verdad está en los ojos (2000), Hijos de las Estrellas (2002), Mua Mua (2003), Sueños de Cristal (2003), Don Lindo de Almería (2005), Alonso Quijano el bueno (2005), Tondo Redondo (2006), Una Orquesta en danza (2006), ¡Oh.. Mar! (2007) y Signos de arena (2007), Sueña (2008), Fronteras (2009), Belleza Durmiente (2009), Río de Luna (2010) y Tres Silencios (2011), Taller/espectáculo (2012), Jardín en el aire (2013) y Cuál es mi nombre …? (2014).

It is in 2013 with the show Mua Mua wher Da.Te Danza is proclaimed the first copmpany to create shows for babies from 0 to 3 years old, betting on a simple assembly, of format adaptable to any space, base don imagination and full of dancing images allowing children to be passionate and enter the world of movement from an early age. Presented the European Festival of France, Serbia, Italy, Austria… Mua Mua opens the doors of succes and research to future productions for babies.

award-winning shows

  • Un caballo en el cielo. Best children’s show at the Theater Fair in the south.Palma del Rio 1999, Cordoba.
  • La mitad de la verdad está en los ojos. Best original music at the Theater Fair in the south. Palma del Rio 1999, Cordoba.
  • Alonso Quijano el bueno. Three awards: best scenography, best music and best direction at FETEN 2006, Gijon.
  • Tondo Redondo. Best show for early childhood at the Theater in the south. Palma del Rio 2007,Cordoba. Best children’s show at the Bursa Theater Festival for children and Young people 2008, Russia.
  • Sueña. Special mention of the jury in the Fira de Titelles of Lleida 2010.
  • Río de Luna. Best dance show in FETEN 2011. 10 nominations for the MAX awards 2012.
  • Cuál es mi nombre…? Best show for early childhood and best dance performer ( Ivan Montardit) in FETEN 2015. Best female dancer, Greta Johnsson in FITC 2016 (Bucharest).

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