With 21 shows premiered and more than 3600 performances performed, we are a reference of quality in contemporary dance.


From October 1999 to date, Da.Te Danza has performed more than 3600 performances, reaching more than 300,000 spectators of all ages. The tours that the Company has made with its shows are part of the main circuits, school campaigns, fairs and shows of dance and children’s theater that exist in Spain and abroad, where has achieved the recognition of the specialized critic and the attending public. All the autonomous communities have witnessed Da.Te Danza shows and a total of 18 countries have been visited in these 18 years of artistic journey: Romania, Mexico, France, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Andorra, Serbia, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece, Urugay and Turkey among others.

Da.Te Danza keeps the spirit and the illusion of 1999 and adds the experience, the value of teamwork, the enthusiastic look of the public and the thousand of shows of affection from all the collaborating artists from this project that have made it possible, it belongs to all of them.

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