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with 18 shows premiered and more 1800 performances performed, it is a reference of quality in contemporary dance


Art makes human beings more human

DA.TE DANZA was born as the artistic project of the choreographer Omar Meza on one October from 1999 with the aim of showing and making known contemporary dance as a current lenguaje, live and adequate to tell committed stories. Da.Te Danza is a stable and consolidated Company that axquired as a hallmark of its own in the professionalism and commitment, that looks towards childhood with child’s eyes and giant forces to show them an imaginary full of possinilities, dreams that are fullfilled and achievable goals in the reality in wich we live.All of the company’s projects are sponsored by the National Institute of Performing Arts and music (INAEM) and the Ministry of Culture of the Junta of Andalusia.

Thanks to the rigor of his work and the sensitivity of his staging, DA.TE DANZA is a reference of quality in the artistic discipline of contemporary dance.


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