río de luna

Flows like a river while watching the moon… approach the readings and the shape of the objects and discover the world that surrounds us.

FETEN Award 2011 Best dance show for children


Moon River is a show full of positive energy, wich grows like the life of a river, translates in movement the evolution of a baby, as it is born, crawls, stands up, discovers nature, and dances with it. Investigates the resources that we the humans being have when we arrive at this world.

It will highlight the approach between people, the development of a baby and the complicity and capacity for dialogue in what they have between themselves and their mothers. The birth, as they develop their first experiences with the enviroment. How they look and how they look at others, how they feel the light, the objects, the wáter, the movement. How they move in a dance with the exterior, how does the movement play?…

Two dancers who approach the textures and the shape of the objects and discover them by playin with them, everything is new… the gestation of the being arises, the beginning of a new life anxious to discover the world that surrounds us.


September 25, 2010 at the Municipal Theater of Alhendín
Contemporary Dance Show / Theater
45 minutes
0 to 3 years (limited capacity) – from 4 to 8 years (capacity 250-300)
Personal on tour
3/4 people
Iván Montardit & Rosa María Herrador
Omar Meza
Original Music
Jesus Fernández
Carlos Herans
Eugenio Granvina

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