pies de bailarín

A hard and sensitive story at the same time, in which we work to put on stage in the most poetic way possible the artistic and personal evolution of the dancer (Omar Meza).


Pies de bailarín is a tribute to dance, as a search, desire, liberty and destiny. But is also a plasmación of a solitary adventure of a boy that dares to defend his true identity and his true will, despite the oppressive and violent ambient in wich he finds himself. On scene, a dancer get´s ready for an important show, in the dressing room awaits a surprise: his mother has left there a package containing small dance shoes with a brief note: “you always had wings on your feet”. This triggers memories, they come back then with a great emotional intensity, the childhood memories, a childhoood lapsed in a violent ambient, oppressive, where the father´s voice constantly prohibits to live by his own will, that is the desire to dance.

There lies the conflict, in a part, the moments of liberation in wich tenderness is expressed, the happines and artistic sensibility. In the other part, the fear of punishment or rejection. This story of Omar Meza symbolizes, like that, the struggle to get fulfilled his dreams, his ilussions, until reaching the deepest and authentic version of what one might become to be. With this show, Omar Meza says goodbye as a dancer to scenarios. And he does from the self-demandingnes and honestity, leaving the best and more sincere of himself in each print that on the stage draw his dancer´s feet.


Premiere el
February 27, 2015 at the Caja Granada Theatre
Espectáculo de Danza Contemporánea
45 minutes
Family, children from 8 years old
Staff on tour
2/3 people
Choreography & interpretation
Omar Meza
Valeria Fabretti (Testoni Ragazzi) and Yutaka Takey / Colaboration: Paco Pascual (Chusquin)
Dramaturgy and text
Juan Mata y Gracia Morales
Yutaka Takey / Colaboration: Alfonso Ordóñez LAVA – Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid
Laura León
Miguel Angel Butler y Felix Martín
Original music
Jesús Fernández
Light design
Ernesto Monza
Juan Antonio Cárdenas
Laura Campoy
Production assistant
Sonia Espinosa
Sandra Pertíñez
Video realization
Lansa Producciones
Anthony Mathiew, Marisa Pascual, Paloma y Alba

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