history of shows


Released on April 29 2009, on the cruise of the Royal Hospital of Granada, the international day of dance. Frontiers is an abstract spectacle of contemporary dance and live music wich proposes to the viewer a reflection on the concept of border in the broadest sense. This show has been performed both in conventional theaters and in the Street giving very good results in terms of its staging. Two dancers, a musician and a large iron structure, make up the aesthetics from this show. A multidisciplinary work with a non.linear structure that starts from the abstraction. The frontier is exit and return, its the road and is transformation. We are frontier when we stop being a barrier, we are way when we cease to be.

signos de arena

Premiered at the Municipal Theater of Alhendin (Granada) in November of 2007. It is a show aimed at an adult audience that deals with the subject of the relationship between the sexes. Gestural treatise on gender violence that starts from a story repeated a thousand times: the courtship of the woman blind with love for a man who can barely conceal this brutality and that will end the oppression in the flesh, the abuse, the mental dictatorship and the despair. To illustrate this fall into the abyss of humiliation and the madness of Sand Signs uses a catalog of movements and symbols that manages to drag us, beyond the banal rhethoric, inside the victim itself. Vertical dance, smoke, wáter and sand introduce us in the depths of a scream, they make us feel it within ourselves.


Released on March 7th of 2007 in the third edition of the Festival Interniazonale di Teatro e Cultura per la primera Infanzia : Visioni di Futuro, Visioni di Teatro.(Bologna). It is the third montage made by the Company for children between 0 and 3 years, after the eexperiences of MuaMua (2003) and Tondo Redondo (2006). To materialize this Project, Da.Te Danza counts once again with the collaboration of the italian Company La Barraca. This Project constitutes a new example of the line of work that the Company has been developing for years, creating quality shows for early childhood, the result of intense research work and the illusion of putting dance and its infinite pedagogical and formative values within the reach of the Little ones.

una orquesta en danza

At November 2006, the Company presents this second co-production with the Granada City Orquestra. The release takes place at the Auditorio Manuel de Falla de Granada and during three months a total of 22 functions are performed within the Schedule of didactic concerts at the OCG to wich assists five thousand schoolchildren throughout the province. In November 2007 a post-production of the show was created and creating a second versión, designed for conventional theaters in wich the musical repertoire and choreography work is mantained. In this case, the orchestra of 35 live musicians is replaced by an animation montage wich is projected on stage and and in wich a series of animated characters that remember instrument families interact with the dancers.

tondo redondo

Second show of the Company created for children between 0 and 3 years. Co-produced by the Italian Company La Barraca and the theatre Testoni Ragazzi. Tondo Redondo is presented at the Festival Visioni di futuro, Visioni di Teatro of Bologna and it is present in the year of its premiere at the festival Ruutia of Helsinki, at the Mostra Xarxa of Igualada and in Rialles. In February 2007 Tondo Redondo obtains the prize for the best spectacle for the early childhood. In 2010 this show is selected to form part in the circuit of the national networks of theaters (Redescena).

alonso quijano, el bueno

Premiere on June 25, 2005 at the 54th International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada. A new co-production with the prestigious festival of Granada and with the collaboration of INAEM and the Theater Testoni Ragazzi of Bologna. A montage committed to the violence that children suffer in the school enviroment paying tribute to the book (El Quijote) in the year of the commemooration of its fourth centenary. Da.Te Danza presents Alonso Quijano el bueno at the thenth children’s play FESTIC of Serbia,Montenegro through the Cervantes Institute of Belgrade. This institution closes with this show its program of cultural activities in commemoration of the fourth centenary of the publication of El Quijote.

don lindo de almería

Impressions of a cockatoo by Rodolfo Halffter and texts written by Jose Bergamin. Suite for ballet released on January 19, 2005 in the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada. It is a show in coproduction with the Ciudad de Granada Orchestra for the cycle of didactic concerts, wich subject is of a girl who fights against the destiny that marriage brings for convinience with an older man than her. A large format show aimed at children and Young people. The staging has the presence of 35 musicians and a dance team composed by 9 professionals.

sueños de cristal

International coproduction in wich the 52th Festival of Music and Dance of Granada takes part, the Theatre Testoni Ragazzi of Bologna (offering the premiere in Italy in December of the same year) and the Jose LImon International Festival of Mexico. Trough the dance and supported by texts by Federico Garcia Lorca, this montage refers to the life of children in the streets. Crystal Dreams toured Mexico between April and May of 2004, appearing in different dance festivals of the country. It emphasizes the prize to the best musical work for dance in the International Festival Un desierto para la danza, in Hermosillo Sonora. In July of 2004 receives the prize to the best original music in the Fair of Theatre of the South in Palma del Rio.

mua mua

Dance proposal aimed at the youngest, boys and girls from 0 to 3 years. A simple assembly, of small format, that can be represented at theaters as well as in schools, base don imagination and full of danced images allowing children to be passionate and enter the world of movement. Mua Mua is presented at the Mostra RIALLES de Sabadell and performs successfully touring Spain and other european countries (Serbia, Austria, Italy and France). In February of 2004 it is presented at the International Festival of Theatre and Culture per la prima infanzia en Bologna ( Italy) of 2003 and December of 2009.

hijos de las estrellas

Released the 20 of April of 2002 at the Municipal Theatre of Armilla (Granada). It narrates a beautiful musical and scenic journey in wich through the dance tells the origin of the cosmos, the history of human beings, wáter, land and culture. Who looking at the sky in a starry night has note ver felt ever intrigued by its origin? Who has not asked himself what relationship exists between this inmense firmament and humans? Many scientists have begun to speak of evolution as a dance, as progress without object or meaning or direction,that simply explores a space of possibilities.

la mitad de la verdad está en los ojos

Released the 12 of May of 2000 at the Alhambra Theatre (Granada), this show addresses the subject of self-knowledge and the recognition of others. THe montage is awarded in the Fair of the Theater of the South 2000 to the best original music. This production revolves around Mexico, Catalunya, Castilla y Leon and Andalusia, Having the privilege of closing the IX Festival of Contemporary Music of Granada. Only half of the truth is hidden in your eyes is selected in October 2002 for the final phase of the choreographic competition of Madrid and is present in the Month of Dance of Seville in the year 2001.

un caballo en el cielo

A horse in heaven is born with the ilussion of bringing children to the foundations of contemporary dance. Released in October 1999 at the Alhambra Theater in Granada, this montage receives a specicial mention of the FETEN 2000 jury. In August it participates as representative of Spain at the XX International Festival of C ontemporary Dance in San Luis de Potosi ( Mexico). In May 2001, returns to Mexico to tour for a month in the network of international festivals. In 2001 it is presented in the Theater Testoni Ragazzi de Bologna (Italy) one of the most prestigious centers in Europe in the investigation for theatre and art for the Young and children.

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