Through dance, the inner light of each one of us shines in a special and unique way!

pies de bailarín

A hard and sensitive story at the same time, in which we work to put on stage in the most poetic way possible the artistic and personal evolution of the dancer

cuál es mi nombre…?

The identity of each boy or girl will mature during the journey, and his name will only be the starting point. We play to be anything or person, it’s fun…

jardín en el aire

What would happen if a giant wave took us away from what was our life until now? If it will take us to another place where to start again

taller espectáculo

The unión between showing the creation process and analyzing all the elements that are forming a show until its staging.

río de luna

Flows like a river while watching the moon… approach the readings and the shape of the objects and discover the world that surrounds us.

belleza durmiente

A reflection on the transition from childhood to adolescence that aims to show what happens in the life of a “sleeping beauty”.


Washing clothes can become a magical action where fantasy is able to transform the everyday turning each task into beauty…

where we are